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teas inspired by
canadian cities

sell natural moose teas as souvenirs duty-free

Natural Moose is now producing city-specific teas for major cities in Canada to sell as souvenirs. These teas allow visitors to bring a taste of Canada home with them, wherever they go!

Jasper Tea

Whistler tea

Banff Tea

Lake Louise Tea

Edmonton Tea

Toronto Tea

Calgary Tea

Ottawa Tea

Vancouver Tea

Montreal tea



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Happy Mind Tea

“And the stress said, see you between your next cups”

This box contains 100% happiness in concentrated form. Our happiness recipe consists of first-class green tea, tasty oranges, and carefully selected herbs.

Mighty Muffin Banana Tea

“In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the tea will brew tonight”

Chocolate and banana are an irresistible duo that belongs together. From cakes to chocolate-dipped bananas this combo put a smile on the face of every Foody. This tea is slightly sweet with a tropical taste of ripe bananas and the rich flavor of chocolate rounded up with the finest rooibos.