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2022 Trends for the Tea Market

The popularity of teas has grown exponentially over the last decade. Between the consumption of caffeine increasing and people showing more interest in their health than ever before, teas have become the perfect drink for many across the world. Teas are a healthy alternative to many other caffeinated drinks, offering plenty of nutritious value and antioxidants with little to no sugar. In addition, herbal teas have gained traction and will continue to do so in 2022 due to their different effects. For example, with everyone feeling the stress of the current COVID-19 pandemic, relaxants have helped many with their anxiety and sleep. Chamomile has become increasingly popular in 2021 for its calming and sleepy-time effects. Not only this but chamomile has also been found to have anti-inflammatory and liver-protecting properties. Rooibos tea has also gained interest as it’s been believed to help with allergies. Green teas are also expected to grow in 2022 as it has an incredible amount of antioxidants compared to other types of teas. Paired with its many health benefits including improved brain function, ability to maintain a healthy weight loss, and lower risk of heart disease, green teas are the ones to look out for, particularly the botanical and spiced teas. As more people express interest in their health, teas will continue to gain popularity across the world for all their health benefits and ability to be with caffeine or without. Regardless of the reason for getting into tea drinking, there’s no doubt that teas are here to stay.