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Give your next dish
the taste it deserves

We have a large range of curated spices that are perfect for fish, poultry, steaks, pizza, pasta, and more! With so many options to choose from, you’ll definitely find spices for every culinary opportunity in your household.

German "Bratkartoffeln" Seasoning

Fish Seasoning

Indian Curry madras

Italian Pizza and Spaghetti Seasoning

Hungarian Stew Seasoning

Chicken and Poultry Seasoning

Bernie's Mushroom Seasoning

virginia steak seasoning

Americo with Caribbean Rum Steak Seasoning

fine seasoning

Italian Pasta Seasoning

Wild Game Seasoning

greek tzatziki

christmas market mulled wine seasoning


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German “Bratkartoffeln” Seasoning

Bavarian delicacy. Boil the potatoes, cut them into slices, and fry them in a pan with oil, butter, and spices until they are lightly crispy.

Fish Seasoning

An excellent mixture for the preparation of fried or breaded fish, shrimps, or mussels. Sauces for fish dishes can also be perfectly refined with this spice.

Indian Curry Madras Seasoning

The Indian Curry Madras Seasoning is a blend of the finest spices from Madras, a port city in
south India. This sensational blend will give you mouthwatering flavor

Italian Pizza and Spaghetti Seasoning

For pizzas and spaghetti of all kinds. Buon appetito!

Hungarian Stew Seasoning

An original mixture from Hungary, ideal for preparing real goulash or Szeged goulash.

Chicken and Poultry Seasoning

Our famous poultry seasoning with fine, sweet paprika from Spain will enchant your grilled chicken into a true culinary delight.

Bernie’s Mushroom Seasoning

Our exclusive and premier mix for all dishes that should have a spicy mushroom taste – (e.g. mixed goulash, hunter schnitzel, meat sauces) or mix it with heavy whipping cream to use as a wonderful mushroom sauce. But you can also just simply sprinkled over a pizza – very tasty!

Virginia Steak Seasoning

The perfect “icing on the cake” for all steaks, grilled, skewer and pan roasts, meat sauces, cucumber, and potato salads.

Americo with Caribbean Rum Steak Seasoning

A “must-have“ for every barbecue championship! A hearty mix for grilling and roasting meat, including vegetables. Also for tomato, cheese, lard, and sandwiches.

Fine Seasoning

Give your dishes the finishing touch with our fine seasonings. It enhances the natural taste of the ingredients without being in the foreground. It is particularly suitable for potato dishes, egg dishes, pasta, rice, and vegetables, i.e. for all areas for which salt would normally be used. Use instead of table salt!

Italian Pasta Seasoning

For all Italian pasta and noodle dishes. Creamy and fine.

Wild Game Seasoning

Give your game an even more delicious taste. For all game dishes, including rabbits.

Greek Tzakitky Seasoning

An exclusive mixture based on an original recipe from Mykonos. For gyros and grill dishes as a side dish or dip.

Christmas Market Mulled Wine Seasoning

For mulled wine, punch, and cool days. Heat together with red wine or fruit juices, but do not boil. Sweeten with honey or sugar, depending on your taste buds.