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We want to pass on our enthusiasm for teas

Each of our regular teas are created with a different flavor profile in mind. We’ve produced traditional flavors like Herbal Happiness and unconventional flavors like Mighty Muffin Banana. Find your next favorite tea today!


Mighty Muffin Banana Tea


Happy Mind Tea


Gentlemen's Club Tea

natural herbal

Herbal Happiness Tea



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Mighty Muffin Banana Tea

“In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the tea will brew tonight”

Chocolate and banana are an irresistible duo that belongs together. From cakes to chocolate-dipped bananas this combo put a smile on the face of every Foody. This tea is slightly sweet with a tropical taste of ripe bananas and the rich flavor of chocolate rounded up with the finest rooibos.

Happy Mind Tea

“And the stress said, see you between your next cups”

This box contains 100% happiness in concentrated form. Our happiness recipe consists of first-class green tea, tasty oranges, and carefully selected herbs.

Gentlemen’s Club Tea

“Drinking Gentlemen’s Club makes you a member of an elite circle”

A strong Ceylon Black Tea for real Gentlemen. Refined with fine Bergamont, vanilla from Madagascar, and a little shot of Scottish Malt Whiskey. A noble tea for the gentlemen of today and tomorrow.

Herbal Happiness Tea

“And the happiness goes on and on and on …”

Drink, enjoy and simply be happy. This is the slogan of this unique herbal tea. A tasty combination of carefully selected herbs, fruits, and a green tea / Oolong mix. Enjoy every fascinating cup at any time of the day and experience herbal happiness.