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Nature is Our Greatest Resource

In a process that is certified, reliable, and trackable, we oversee the quality of all of our raw products. Our goal is to ensure our products maintain their highest natural quality from manufacturing to delivery.

With a steadily increasing desire for vitality, the perception of consciousness has become a new life philosophy. Our aspirations are to innovate natural products that promote mental and physical health.

Our Mission

The Natural Moose Ltd. group focuses on more than just the distribution of goods. Natural Moose aims to enhance customers’ lives by offering products that transport the individual through taste, smell, and sight.
Our mission is to provide you with the best products on the market that find a home in your kitchen. We offer an assortment of teas and spices designed to enhance the health and wellbeing of our customers. 

Our Values

The key to our success is a collaboration of applied, focused research, strong customer orientation, and considerable business acumen.


Our success is achieved through the unity of our team and our consistency as an organization.


We stay in close contact with our partners and regularly audit them for compliance.


Our products are only sourced from suppliers we have established, trusted relationships with.


We hold our brand and suppliers to high standards and strive uphold those values.


Our Team

Our founders have diverse backgrounds in different aspects of the industry. Together Natural Moose provides a wealth of knowledge perfected to uphold the values of the Natural Moose brand.



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